It is the mission of UTS to provide high impact message products/services to companies which for their part offer these products/services to the end users.

We understand how we can translate your needs into a solution and that your investment must be justified and lead to the desired result.

UTS has two strategic business directions:

- UTS owns and operates the official telex and telegram services of more than 45 countries. UTS is interested in taking over (management of) telegram and telex services from national telecom or postal operators (or private companies) when there is a mutual interest to have the service operating in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

- UTS is a carrier for telex and telegram service companies, routing their telegrams and telexes cost-effectively in a fast and reliable way to all the corners of the world. By working with UTS, the telegram and telex companies can offer their customers better service conditions, faster delivery and extra products/services, all at favourable conditions and lower costs.